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December 16th - WTK's album.

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Anonymous asked: do you have any saved urls?

actually i do. you can see the list here.

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Hey! Your Face! I Like That Shit!

her facial expressions and hand movements are what i live for lol

(Source: AlliGIFs)

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Wifi BoyZ by charlestrippy

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palette by a-lonely-me I chose #7 for the hell of it. I did though use maybe 3 extra colors. like.. red, yellow and brown. and different shades of the base colors and all that.

well anyway. let’s give it up for Charles and Allie because as long as he’s happy.

I’m happy.

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The people telling charles to stop vlogging and take a full vacation….

PLEASE STOP. I understand your reason for saying those things.. but if he keeps seeing that people want him to stop, he will and then the last 5 years is for nothing. 

I know this sounds selfish but it is not for my benefit. it’s for charles. he has worked too hard for the last 5 years to stop now. I don’t want to see him stop vlogging and then realize he’s made a mistake. 

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what about now anon? is that big enough for you.
can you see the fucking date now?

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Anonymous asked: you can't even see the date you stupid bitch

fuck off

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