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December 16th - WTK's album.

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Alli in Datevs vlog. (x)

(Source: CTFxCED)

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Anonymous asked: Where is Chico gone I'm just wondering is he with alli or is he gone to a shelter

No! omg Chico is at Alli’s parents house. Alli took him with her but she is visiting Datev, so he is with her parents.

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Anonymous asked: so what are your thoughts on the sad news?

i think it’s truly sad honestly, but i have come to realize that even though  it’s really rough now, it will be okay in the end. 

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Anonymous asked: Why are you extending it ive waited so long for this. Now i have to wait another month and a half??? What the hell??

um you need to relax. you’re being rude. I extended it because the merch is hella expensive and I just wanted as many people as possible to be able to win it. why would i spend my money on these items when only 100 people (at the time) have entered? that would be silly.

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msallisonspeed asked: And the Oscar for Best Fan Blog goes to... Charalli! I just wanna say that on behalf of the CTFxC and myself, thank you! You're edits are amazing, the time and effort you put into making them is done with such passion and we know that!

woah this is amazing! <33

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Anonymous asked: Are you actually giving all that stuff away??? I want it so badly bc im going to see we the kings in March but it'll be too late):


and i’m sorry :(

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